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Our talented team can deliver PR as a fixed-price project,
retainer or as an extension to an existing campaign

PR Services


We can deliver either as a project, retainer or as an extension to another campaign you are delivering.

We are Australia’s leading broadcast PR agency, working closely with broadcasters from the 600 radio stations, TV news networks, breakfast TV and current affairs shows. Our campaigns allow our brands and organisations to reach their target audiences via ABC and commercial broadcast programming across Australia.

While we specialise in broadcast, we also deliver full-service PR campaigns to reach print, digital and social audiences. We communicate messaging through insightful storytelling for brands and not-for-profit organisations, ensuring a cohesive and holistic consumer experience across all media formats.

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National TV

Metro TV

Regional TV


Social Media

We can deliver either as a project, retainer or as an extension to another campaign you are delivering.

A proven and effective way to start a trend on social media is to leverage the profile of influencers.

MediaCast will source reputable and relevant social media influencers to reach audiences across Australia. Influencers will be engaged to post and talk about your product or service on their social channels.

MediaCast handle all influencer recruitment, negotiation, management, and reporting.

Prior to influencer recruitment, all campaign requirements will be confirmed with you including hashtags, visual post requirements, campaign key messaging and any banned phrases or words.


Consumer Research

Research can take your campaign to new heights, giving you something new to bring to the table and achieve extra cut-through with media.

Research is one of the key factors in turning a great concept into an impactful campaign, developing concepts into interesting talking points and newsworthy topics.

Research creates new and interesting information and helps cut-through competing stories to get your message into the media.


MediaCast uses a panel weighted against the Australian Bureau of Statistics for location, age and gender to create National Representative statistics, so we can breakdown data by specific states and metro cities.

MediaCast either uses a panel weighted against the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) for National Representative (NatRep) statistics or targets a market segment such as Women, Parents, Mothers or Men.

The data is then analysed by breaking down demographic information or through using a series of definition questions to segment those who have different viewpoints or experiences.

Our team analyses the data to extrapolate the best statistics, create the most interesting talking points and build a creative story to generate optimum media cut-through.

The statistics can also be repurposed and used to generate content for owned and social media channels such as social media tiles and posts, op-ed features, and website content.



We can help you source, choose or train the best talent to bring your story to life.

Choosing the right spokesperson for your campaign is imperative to make sure your story and the spokesperson is relevant to the target audience but is also have be the right fit for your key messaging.

MediaCast can manage all of this for you, from selecting and sourcing the right spokespeople for your campaign to arranging the finer details of interviews and availabilities.

Whether it's a celebrity, sporting personality, public figure, industry specialist or medical expert, selecting the right independent spokesperson adds credibility to the story, builds trust and helps to develop interest from the media and the end goal – your target audience.

Using talent or an external spokesperson can be particularly useful if you have limited resources in your organisation or if your team are unfamiliar with the media.


Experts bring a level of credibility to your story. As an authority on the subject they are able to answer questions and give advice to the audience. This is particularly useful if you are encouraging the audience to take a particular action. Ambassadors are unique in their ability to combine storytelling with informative content about your story.

Potential customers get an in-depth look at what your brand does and how it works, as well as its effectiveness and benefits. It also allows for consumers to relate to the spokesperson’s story and see a solution to a problem they may have.

Personal Stories

Case studies help create an association between your story and the audience. They help to bring the story to life and to create empathy and understanding. They are also more relatable than experts or ambassadors as they have an authentic personal experience with a brand, service or product and can speak authentically about their own story.


Media Relations




Video News Release

VNRs are a great way to get your brand in front of TV newsrooms across the country and add additional value to your campaigns.

Creating a Video News Release (VNR) is an effective way to extend the coverage outside of areas where talent is readily available and increase the exposure a campaign nationally.

The vision is recorded at a half day shoot and can also be edited into a series of short videos that can be used to carry the creative concept from traditional media into the social media space.

Videos can extend the story to provide a series of tips, advice, and how-to videos in an interesting and story-aligned way.

The ideal structure of a VNR consists of two to three interviews with expert talent and case studies, followed by overlay and b-roll footage.


Audio News Release

Our audio news releases are the perfect way to combine live interviews with widespread regional coverage across radio

MediaCast are experts in Radio and Broadcast. Our extensive experience, creativity and wide range of contacts ensure your campaign message is heard loud and clear.

Our full-service offering means we'll work closely with you from start to finish to create a full editorial radio campaign that incorporates your key messages.

Our Radio Days include an Audio News Release (ANR) to achieve the widest possible media reach and reduce the demand on your spokesperson's time.

An Audio News Release (ANR) can either be recorded over a telephone line with your spokesperson or over Teams.

While ANRs have been a popular PR function for years, it's becoming more common for radio stations to record their own interviews for news bulletins. We provide an opportunity for stations to interview talent through a Radio Day alongside an ANR, which makes for a more effective campaign.


Media Training

We can train you or your key spokespeople to be prepared for all types of media.

Media training is essential for helping you to deliver your key messages when being interviewed by the media.

It teaches you how to use your words, tone and body language during media interviews to communicate your message confidently and effectively.

An interview may take an unexpected turn, especially if there has been breaking news that relates to your area of expertise, and a journalist may ask you questions that you find difficult or uncomfortable to answer. Our training will give you the necessary tools to manage such situations; not only will you learn the fundamental skills required to convert a tricky question into an answer that includes your message, you will also feel more in control of the interview. We give tips and advice on improving answers to potential questions, and show you how to bring the conversation back around to your message in all situations.

MediaCast can provide training to your spokespeople, ambassadors and even individuals offering their personal story (case studies) to ensure that they stay on message during interviews.

Workshops can either be one-on-one or group based and can be delivered in person or even via Skype or Teams.