Portfolio Review

Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Week

Media Items:

Audience Reach:


Scope // All Four

Targets // National and metro print, digital, television and radio

Media Items // 578

Total Impressions // 51,139,528

Highlights // Courier Mail, news.com.au, Studio 10, The Project, Mamamia, A Current Affair, 2GB, Weekend Sunrise, ABC News Radio


MediaCast has partnered with the Tourette’s Syndrome Association of Australian (TSAA) for eight years to deliver the annual Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Week campaign.

Every year, we aim to achieve national coverage for the campaign, targeting all key capital city audiences by targeting metro and major market publications, television outlets and radio stations.

The annual campaign aims to highlight the challenges faced by individuals who live with Tourette’s Syndrome and bring enhanced education to Australian workplaces, schools, governments and the general public.

Our campaigns for Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Week aim to drive engagement with TSAA training courses and educational resources, targeting key demographics in government, education and professional sectors.


Ahead of the annual Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Week, we work alongside TSAA to develop focused research questions to uncover key insights into the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of the public towards individuals with Tourette’s Syndrome, as well as the experiences, attitudes and beliefs of individuals with lived experience.

Utilising these insights as new research, we develop a media release, Audio News Release, Video News Release and pitches to create a cut-through as we target outlets on a national scale to achieve a wide reach of effective campaign messaging.

Utilising a wide pool of available talent, including medical experts, disability industry leaders and case studies, we pitch live interview availability alongside an Audio News Release, Video News Release and opinion editorial opportunities to secure coverage across radio, television, print and digital outlets.


Our most recent campaign with TSAA was for Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Week in 2023, to compliment the launch of a new training video for first responders by TSAA. Aiming to highlight the different experiences of individuals with TS and the general public when encountering first responders, we conducted consumer research of the general republic and an online TS community.

Pairing the new data with experts spokespeople, we leveraged the lived experience of one individual with TS’s negative experience with first responders to strengthen our messaging and provide a clear cut-through for the campaign.

Utilising a robust combination of case studies, experienced talent and new research, our 2023 was our most successful campaign with TSAA to date, with coverage secured across 516 radio items, 38 online articles, 14 television pieces, eight newspaper articles and two social media echoes. In the weeks following our campaign, TSAA received several inquiries for training sessions and additional information. The Victorian Police Service have requested TSAA's consultation in the development of their recruit training programs and the Queensland Police Service have made TSAA's resources easily accessible on their intranet.