Portfolio Review

Brooks – PR Retainer

Media Items:

Audience Reach:


Timing // July 2023 – ongoing

Scope // Two stories per month

Targets // All media, consumer and business publications

Media Items // 1143 items of coverage

Audience Impressions // 78.1 million

Highlights // Channel 9 – Sydney, Channel 7 – Sydney, The Advertiser, NewsCorp – Real Estate Guide, 7News Digital, KidSpot, Courier Mail, Nine.com.au


MediaCast works with Brooks Australia on a retained basis to drive awareness on fire hazards and fire safety around the home, while positioning them as the leading brand of fire safety equipment in Australia. 

Our coverage positions Brooks Australia as the voice of authority on smoke alarms whilst encouraging Australians to check their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Key demographics for Brooks Australia include national audiences, B2B, young Aussie families, older Australians (over 50+), renters, landlords and homeowners.


Delivering two campaigns per month, stories rely primarily on expertise of the experts to highlight the importance of fire safety and fire awareness.

Aligning stories with key time hooks such as Test Your Smoke Alarm day, the start of winter and bushfire season, we leverage significant data insights to develop media releases and pitches targeting key publications to reach our desired demographics.

Utilising Brooks Australia employees as expert voices in the field, we pitch interviews, editorials and opinion editorials to targeted contacts across national media in TV, print/digital and radio.

We also utilise case studies where relevant as well as monitoring the news agenda for opportunities to pitch reactive stories. 


Christmas warning to parents

With the aim to secure print and digital coverage for Brooks Australia, this campaign focused on South Australian mother of one Rachel Toyer, who experienced a small fire in her kitchen after leaving a saucepan boiling and accidently falling asleep.

Using consumer data, we highlighted the common occurrence of parents with young children leaving items unattended in the kitchen. Highlighting Rachel’s experience and advice to parents along with consumer research, we pitched Rachel's story to National and South Australian print and digital outlets.

We secured The Advertiser for both online and print, which further syndicated across News Corp’s online platforms as well as securing interviews with KidSpot and 7News Digital.

What to ask your landlord?

Looking to breakthrough into property media, we created a campaign targeting homeowners and landlords

Our campaign focused on what renters should be asking their landlords in relation to the fire safety of rental properties. We secured the Real Estate Guide, a pullout in News Corp’s metropolitan papers which further syndicated to all their online publications.

We also secured a Queensland-specific story in Courier Mail’s Developing Queensland pullout, which also is in the Toowoomba Chronicle, discussing the state specific legislation for smoke alarms.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

With lithium-ion battery fires becoming more common with multiple e-bike explosions across the country, we had Brooks experts provide their advice to Australians on how they can stay safe. 

With a broadcast only angle, we pitched to radio and TV News across the country to warn Aussies of the dangers of lithium-ion batteries. Our safety focused story secured Channel 7 – Sydney’s 4pm News, which went across Prime 7’s in NSW, and Channel 7 Queensland, running across the regional network.