Portfolio Review

Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation

Media Items:

Audience Reach:


Scope // All Four

Targets // National and metro print, digital, television and radio

Media Items // 1,203

Total Impressions // 49.1 million

Highlights // Daily Telegraph, Australian Community Media, Kidspot, 2GB, Channel 7, Prime 7


MediaCast has partnered with Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation (AKKF) across six campaigns over the last two years.

Across campaigns, we aim to achieve national coverage by targeting all key capital city audiences by targeting metro and major market publications, television outlets and radio stations.

Our campaigns for AKKF aim to increase awareness surrounding the impacts of family mental illness on children, drive engagement with the programs and resources offered by AKKF, and encourage donations.


Aiming to develop campaigns which drive awareness, engagement and donations, we align our campaigns with key mental health awareness days and announcements from AKKF, and ground our stories in meaningful research and data to highlight the impact of AKKF’s work.

We develop a media release and pitches to create a cut-through as we target national and metro outlets across Australia to achieve coverage across the organisation’s target domestic and international markets.

Utilising a wide pool of available talent, including organisational experts and case studies, we develop well-rounded and diverse stories, which we strategically pitch to targeted locations. We pitch live interview availability to secure coverage across radio, television, print and digital outlets. Leveraging the powerful, lived experience of our case studies, we target top-tier media local to them to secure further coverage.

Bupa Funding Announcement Campaign

Our most recent campaign with AKKF was for the announcement of new funding from corporate partner Bupa, to highlight the new program AKKF would be offering. Utilising previous research from AKKF, we aimed to encourage the public to engage with AKKF resources and drive registrations for the new Regenerate program.

Leveraging a robust combination of case studies and an expert voice, we targeted national digital and radio outlets to secure wide a variety of coverage.

We pitched a unique combination of case studies and expert voices from the organisation to producers for radio shows, to develop interesting and meaningful long-form interviews, while pitching our expert talent to news desks to achieve further impact.

Print and digital media were targeted with interview opportunities, editorial submissions and opinion editorials utilising our talent’s lived experience to emphasise the efficacy of the organisation’s programs. We strategically targeted publications within the key children and parenting media scope to secure coverage with the client’s ideal markets,

Combining our available case studies, expert talent and AKKF’s research, the Bupa Foundation Funding Announcement was an amazing success, with coverage secured across 363 radio items and 12 online articles.