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Arrotex Pharmaceuticals

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Arrotex Pharmaceuticals is today the largest, and most diverse pharmaceutical company in Australia. myDNA from Arrotex decodes the information in your genes to deliver a holistic health and wellness solution to help you live better. myDNA from Arrotex provides personalised DNA tools such as meal plans, workout guides, skincare regimes, vitamin supplement and OTC medicine insights. The tools and insights are accessible through a convenient mobile app. The tests are a simple cheek-swab test that can be purchased from community pharmacies across the country and carried out at home.

The Objective
myDNA from Arrotex engaged MediaCast to drive consumers into pharmacies to buy the kit targeting health and body conscious Australians looking to make a change and live a healthier life. The narrative was designed to create excitement around personalised health care and to highlight that that our approach to health should be as unique as our DNA. The campaign also aimed to demonstrate the benefits of a personalised plan that combines nutrition and exercise.
The Campaign
We developed a multi-pronged approach strategy to generate maximum cut through, to promote brand awareness and enhance myDNA from Arrotex’s standing in the health and wellbeing space. We achieved this by targeting high-level publications across TV, radio and print and digital. We also crafted the key messages in a way that positioned the client as leaders and a trustworthy voice within in their industry. This was achieved by undertaking extensive research into the science behind the test kits to help collate information to inform the stories pitched to the media. We also sourced several case studies who did a test and experienced the insights provided by the myDNA from Arrotex’s program and then shared their stories.
MediaCast secured 105 items of top tier coverage, reaching an estimated 19.1 million Australians. The campaign achieved widespread attention across multiple print outlets with three journalist reviews published online and in magazines. These journalist reviews featured on news.com.au and popular Australian women’s magazines, WHO Magazine and Woman’s Day. Other campaign highlights included extensive coverage on Mamamia’s Out Loud podcast, The West Australian which syndicated across Western Australia and top tier radio coverage with 2GB.